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Photo Journey of Matterhorn

  Matterhorn is an awe inspiring  mountain located in ski village nestled in the town of Zermatt.  During  a sunny April afternoon with the mountain tip looming in the background, I started my practice. As most know, Matterhorn is a symbol of conquering a great feat in being able to climb her. I truly believe the spiritual path is profoundly similar to this same climb up a very dangerous and challenging mountain. An unending journey through peaks, valleys and plateaus. To me the end result of any asana (the postures) is only the beginning of a much longer and difficult journey in being compassionate, having uncompromising truth and learning to love.   © Copyright of The Yoga Way, 2013. All written rights reserved....


How I Came to Yoga

From being a lazy student to teaching yoga in South Korea (an excerpt from my M.Ed. thesis, 2006).   I started yoga in a very informal manner. I did not know what I was getting into it or what it was all about. When I was 25 years old, I moved to South Korea to find myself. Feeling estranged from the life I thought I would have and in particular the theatre world in which I had placed my life’s aspirations, I knew my answer was to go. After a car accident that resulted in a broken shoulder and wrist, and the divorce of my parents, I took this as a sign that my path needed some serious readjustments. I was also struggling with an eating disorder...


Finding a Healer

Along my path, I have been asked many times by my students, "Have you  ever met a real Yogi?" "Have you seen any saints or sages in India?" "Have you ever met the ideal person", was the exact wording of one student. And,  "Have I met any real Gurus?" I believe, by now it is almost impossible to find any ideal person in a world so full of personal agendas and mainstream teachings. While I don't discount that I have met some very authentic teachers and certainly some of my teachers are a true Master of their craft, I have a feeling that the real spiritual giants left this world a long ago. For the Guru is not someone so easily found. Or, as one Master used to say...


Yoga, Physio or a Cave?

While in Switzerland during a short holiday, I visited a small village in Wuerenlos (near Baden). This is the location where a cave known for its healing properties and energy fields can be found. People from all over the world have come here to spend time in the cave to heal their body, mind and spirit. View from the outside. Intrigued by this and the legacy of the work of Emma Kunz (1892 to 1963), I also went into the cave to find out if it was actually true you could be healed.  Emma Kunz it seemed had stumbled upon this cave while she was looking for the cure to help a sick friend.  As a nurse, healer, researcher and artist, she conducted remarkable explorations that dealt with the...


The Unlikely Journey to India

Thoughts on returning to India (an excerpt from my master’s thesis on Yoga in School, 2006).   My first memory of India was as a child. On a crowded bus a middle-aged Indian woman offered me her seat. She actually wanted me to sit on her lap and was very persistent about it. Being quite shy as a child, I recall my mother saying it was okay. The woman was happy when I crawled onto her lap and her friendliness made me feel like she knew me from a long time ago. It was a strange sense of familiarity that has remained with me some 30 years later.   At the time of writing, I had now been to India six times. Today, I have made another nine...


When Yoga Comes to School

What Yoga as a curriculum subject in school looks like and why children should have one.  This is LA! Million dollar cars, movie stars, muscle beach and the walk of fame. But what does any of this have to do with Yoga in school and spirituality in education? Well, quite a lot actually as quietly over at the Marriott Airport Hotel the 3rd annual conference on Yoga Therapy and Research was taking place in early March.   The International Association of Yoga Therapists (IYAT) is a 20-year old organization. Their mandate is to merge the practical aspects of yoga with research on yoga as a form of therapy. Yoga teachers, educators, yoga enthusiasts, therapists and professionals from the medical field joined together from 14 countries and over 50...