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Testimonials & Reviews

I often receive personal emails from students who write to tell me about their experiences.
These are a few about taking my yoga classes, workshops and retreats.

Dear Heather, I join many others who silently applaud the wonderful way you have committed yourself to being an effective Ambassador, interpreter and guide to the ancient insights of the Yoga School of Philosophy.

Chandler K.
Vice Chair, Parliament of World Religions

Heather, Although I have been to many other yoga schools and studios in Toronto, my real understanding of yoga did not flourish until I began classes with you. I have now been a student for over 10 years. I have learned that there is a lot more to learn and that the benefits to the mind and body are everlasting. It seems that with every year passing, I learn again more and I attribute this to your teachings as I believe that every time you return to India, you bring something back for everyone; spiritual that is.

Sheldon R.
Freelance Photographer

Dear Heather, It has been such a pleasure to learn from you and hear about your experiences.  I think you live a truly unique and inspiring journey. I get the feeling that you never choose the “easy path” or trade in the growth of your spirit for what may be more comfortable (like staying in the same place with all one’s creature comforts).  I know I keep saying it, but I am inspired and motivated to work harder seeing that it’s possible from you.

Elizabeth C.

I have been a student of Heather’s for over three years, taking classes in person and via skype. I felt Heather brought a combination of discipline and intelligence to our classes that really underscored a strong commitment to guiding me, through yoga, to a healthier and calmer life. She never ceased to amaze me with her ability to make the smallest corrections, which had an immediate impact on the pose I was working on. She is an incredible teacher whose professionalism is unsurpassed.

Suzanne D.
Immigration Lawyer

Wow Heather, Thanks for the great class. You are an amazing teacher and jaw-dropping good at yoga! I obviously don’t move well and was more than a bit self-conscious but that’s just me. It was a great experience and I’d do it again.

Chris W.
Film Editor

Hi Heather, I took two different series of classes with you a few years ago. And though I couldn’t return due to scheduling, you forever changed my view on what yoga instruction and the experience should be.

Candace L.

Hi Heather, I find your back bending classes extremely invigorating, attentive, sophisticated and … wonderful. There isn’t, as far as I know, any comparable level and quality of instruction in Toronto.

Paul R.
Owner, Optima French Communications

I wanted to tell you, but did not get around to it, that after the experience at the Yoga Show of trying out a number of sessions with the various teachers  (classes were every half hour or 45 minutes ) my appreciation for your teaching soared and  your mastery and in my mind was confirmed.  Having done various classes around the city, your teaching and methods for me are incomparable. Classes with you are a life enhancing experience physically and emotionally.

Catherine M.
University of Toronto Professor

Retreat Reviews

I admire Heather a lot both for her ability of yoga and the way she motivates others to practice.

Balaji N.
CEO, Shreyas Retreat, India

Hi Heather, I personally thought that yesterday’s session was very insightful in understanding the concepts about the headstands and am hoping that we will be able to put these to practice in our personal practice sessions. It’s extremely kind of you to suggest that we do an extra session. And wonderful to see the passion and generosity with which you share your knowledge.

Rucha S.
Shreyas Retreat, India

Heather is inspiring as a person as she is a teacher. Heather taught me yoga is about self-acceptance and helped me to find a space within myself that I could go whenever I want to. I have been psyched after my first retreat with her and have taken up practice as an integral part of my daily routine.

Madhu C.
South India

Heather inspires me through the physical but motivates and trains me to work on the deeper states of my mind. Her individual instruction also connects us on a level that not all talented teachers are able to do.

Shamira I.
Toronto, Canada

It was an amazing experience! This was our first retreat and the experience was excellent; the yoga teacher, Heather Morton, is the best! We have learnt a lot in the 7 days then we have probably over the years.

Harsha S. & Kirti D.

dvd reviews

What first drew me to Heather and out of the multitude of yoga teachers on the internet was the quality of tranquil strength she embodied in her work. Yes, Heather is accomplished physically but as a long-time practitioner I was looking for more than pretty poses. Heather has a clear, experienced and encouraging approach to the practice. Getting her DVD’s was a great move and I have worked with them extensively and with great enjoyment.

Lisa F.
Yoga Teacher, United Kingdom

Heather is a highly skilled yoga teacher of the truest form; her only objective is to support your progress. She now has extended her support to students with this invaluable resource. Demonstrating the art and discipline of intensive yoga back bending, it is an amazing source of inspiration and practical knowledge for both serious practitioners and yoga teachers of all traditions.

Stephanie R.
Yoga Teacher, Banyan Tree Therapy, Canada

For the past ten years, Heather has been visiting AtmaVikasa regularly. I have always taught her that backbending is a tool of mind control and self expansion. The advanced asanas that are demonstrated in this DVD and the flexibility of her body are the results of her hard work and continuous evaluation.

Yogacharya Venkatesha
Mysuru, India

Hi Heather, I have been practicing Ashtanga yoga since 2006. I work full time and became a mother – this routine is now my daily practice for a while. Though I practice Ashtanga Yoga still, I feel I like to focus on stretching my front, back bending, and I “met” your DVD. Many many many thanks to you.

Mikki T.
Tokyo, Japan

Dear Heather, This back bending practice is truly amazing! I’ve been doing it for a month now almost daily as supplement to my Ashtanga practice and I have to admit that in this month I’ve learned more about my back than in 5 years of my Ashtanga practice. I’ve always had troubles with back bending, because of my acute scoliosis and fear of pain as a result. It’s not that it’s gone, but I feel much more confident doing back bends now than ever before, partly because of the technique, but mostly because of a better understanding of what’s good and what’s bad for my back.

Andrey T.

Hi Heather, Working in a very stressful environment, I have forgotten about the breath and for the first time in a very long time, I found it again.

Berni R.
Toronto, Canada

Hey Heather, Your asana practice introductions on youtube are wonderful. They help me a lot in learning yoga.

Tobi P.

Dear Heather, I am still very much a beginner, but I now have a daily practice after trying different styles of yoga over the years.  I was devoted to a regular ki-aikido practice for the past six years, but more recently I have found myself at a yoga studio for the past six months, finally realizing how profound yoga is as a path of spirit-body consciousness.  I greatly appreciate your explanations and the clarity in which you have shown the āsana, prāna, drishti, and gravity/flow, and how to be compassionate to one’s back when doing backbends.

Lowell L.
United States

Ms. Morton, I found your videos on youtube and was intrigued by your practice. So I visited your website and found that you have a dvd on back bending. I practice the Bikram method of yoga, which I’ve been studying for about 3 years to date. I will continue to do Bikram for the foreseeable future, but I feel that there is more I can learn from other teachers, and feel like you can teach me a great deal about yoga through your videos/books. By the way, this quote from your blog is so inspiring: “Because of the focus on the therapeutic aspects of yoga the teachings enabled me to work through countless limitations and misalignments in my spine, knees and feet. The greatest gift as well from my studies lies in the fact that my regular teacher did not provide physical adjustments. It was made very clear to me that “I” as the student must walk the path myself.” …. Amen to that.

John K.
United States