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Online Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation Courses

What:  Online 6-Week Courses & Private Classes 
Where:  Zoom & Skype
Register:  info@theyogaway.com
More info: heather@theyogaway.com


Starting with a demand from my long time Toronto Yoga clients and students, I created virtual courses and classes as well as consultations.  These are structured and offered to all students (from beginners to more experienced practitioners) who want one-to-one guidance and training in their personal practice. My approach stems from my 20 plus years as a studio owner and teacher, and a dedicated practitioner of Yoga. I teach holistically and with a high level of intuition in “what” and “where” you need to grow and develop. I encourage you to go beyond what you think is possible in a safe and supportive way. My current programs have expanded to students worldwide from Canada, the United State to Tunisia, Africa and Europe.  

How It Works 

 * Sessions are 60 to 90 minutes                                   * Zoom, Skype, FaceTime                        * Personalized feedback                                               * You need a mat and an open space        * A brief questionnaire is sent before                            *  I call you at the allotted time/day            * Payment is required before the class                         * Consultations and follow-ups offered                                                                       

My online medium is designed to zero-in quickly to help build your personal practice (sadhana) at home or any where in the world. Students have practised in hotel rooms, their kitchen, living rooms and bedrooms.

Each Course Offers: 1. Reference handouts and audio files, 2. Photos of your practice, 3. Feedback and a written report of recommendations and 4. Weekly practice cards to reinforce the teachings and learning.  Feel free to write to me and learn more and/or ask any questions at: heather@theyogaway.com 

Offering:     Private Coaching Sessions             Pranayama & Nyasas            

                    Breathwork Class/Program             Meditation and Sitting           

                    Yogasana Class/Program                Basic Yogic Conditioning           

  • All payments by Paypal or Interac E-transfer (Canadian students only).