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Restore, Renew: Yoga with Heather, Shreyas, India

Offering a 7-day/night Yoga Retreat that is designed to offer the best of Yoga and the Spiritual Quest.

From organic meals, Spa treatments, luxury cottages, life-time excursions and personalized classes,

Shreyas Retreat is a special venue for a meaningful discovery and journey back to SELF.

As a way to give back to the country where I learned Yoga, I also teach on a pro bono basis. 

All accomodations, Yoga classes are hosted and organized by Shreyas Retreat, India.

Where: Shreyas Luxury Boutique, South India
Email:  Balaji@shreyasretreat.com
Visit: www.shreyasretreat.com 


All Shreyas Retreat packages with Heather include all these outstanding features: 

  • Twice Daily Yoga – Morning: Prana Vashya Yoga series with guided relaxation
  • Evening: Yoga Nidra, Pranayama, Meditation, Restorative and Q & A’s
  • Sound Meditation and philosophy classes with Heather
  • Yogic Kriyas – Jala net, Sutra netti & Vaman Dhauti with Heather
  • 1 private Yoga session per person with Heather (30 minutes)
  • Community Exercise involving meditative walks and chanting
  • Nature based exercises (working in the organic garden)
  • And many other activities and perks as arranged solely by Shreyas Retreat 

For more information and bookings contact: reservations@shreyasretreat.com 

* Heather does not provide travel services or consultations and is not responsible for bookings.