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Retreats with Heather

Engaging on a retreat with Heather is a handcrafted experience both in travel and of Yoga. Each retreat offered is all-inclusive with daily yoga classes, special workshops and organically prepared meals. What makes a retreat with Heather different are the limited spaces, the authentic venues and the unique perks. These may include airport transfers to the resort, sacred excursions and complimentary Spa treatments.  All the are taught with personal instruction and not as a one-size fits all. During the retreat, Heather helps you create a “self-practice” that you can take home; going beyond yoga as an exercise. Each retreat is open to new beginners and experienced students. Imagine having the time to explore a different culture, savour organic foods, take Ayurvedic treatments, visit holy places and reconnect with nature. It’s also a way to meet people and feel part of a community. For the 6th consecutive year, Heather offers a Yoga retreat in a luxury ashram & boutique resort nestled on a farm in South India. And for the first time, a jungle retreat will be held in the adventurous and unspoiled Costa Rica.  

Visit the gallery of Heather’s Shreyas retreat to see what’s waiting for you.

And meet the Shreyas team and staff who take Heather’s yoga classes.