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From Our Gallery

Emma Kunz, the Healer

Below are some of the abstracts created by Emma Kunz; a Swiss woman who discovered healing minerals in a rock called AION A (a Latin word meaning ‘without limitations’). Although Emma did not consider herself an artist, she left behind an incredible legacy of healing, power and restoration. Living in the Swiss villages for most of her life she was known among the locals as being a telepathic healer.

Most of her drawings are reflective of the ‘unforeseen’ in the tangible world. I took these pics in the museum near the cave where she once resided. I think there’s a lot you can see and feel from them.

Of interest (and I think this is a bit scary too), she was once asked to “repolarize” the energy field of Audolf Hitler from a distance. It is said the pendulum in which she worked with to form the shapes of her drawings started to fly around the room. She said there was too much negative energy.

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