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Pranayama Courses with Yoganidra

This is a course designed to guide you individually through a series of exercises used to control and enhance the prana (energy) of your body. Pranayama is understood as the 4th rung within the Patanjalim Yoga System. Having studied privately under Shri BNS Iyengar (Guruji) since 2014, I learned and developed a series of specific pranayams that heal and balance the body, and mind. During the course, you will learn 5 of the essential pranayamas, receive individual feedback and instruction, and develop a home practice. Classes are offered 1-2 times per week and over a 6 week period. Each class is 45-50 minutes. Sessions are combined with the ancient practice of Yoganidra or known as the Yogi’s sleep. This is a 7-stage practice designed for deeper relaxation and to enhance the experience of practicing pranayama with a teacher. For more information, contact within.

When: Offered monthly
Where:  Virtually online   
Email:  info@theyogaway.com
Register: www.theyogaway.com


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