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Toronto Yoga Classes & Workshop

Dates: tbd 
Where: Afro Latino Dance Studio 
Email: info@theyogaway.com
Register: www.theyogaway.com


Classes are in the style of Hatha Yoga; a Vinyasa Krama system. These are a progressive series of postures that deal with the breath as the foundation and the impetus of the practice. Focus is on strength, flow, control of the breath with retentions and relaxation. My workshops are designed to teach the daily practice and philosophy of breathing or what is better known as pranayama (how to control and direct the life force energy called ‘prana’). This session is  built upon the teachings of BNS Iyengar (Guruji) and my direct learning under him in Mysore.  During both the classes and workshop, spaces are limited to provide more personal and individual attention; something I truly believe is vital to learning Yoga.

Cost: $55/each (1.5 hour class), $85 (2 hours, workshop)

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