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     Schedule, Fees & Format

* Fee schedule available on request. Write to info@theyogaway.com

6-Week Group and Private Program Schedule
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
          7:45 am
 Mysore Sadhana
    9:00 am -        11:00 am      Privates       9:30 am

      3:00 pm     -     5:00 pm 
 8:00 am -
11:15 am

9:25 am
10:00 am
   Hatha Yoga I/II
6:00 pm
    Hatha Yoga I
5:45 pm
Hatha Yoga I/II 

          T.B.A.          Workshops
6:00 pm
2 hours Backbending
4:00 pm
10:20 am
11:45 am 
                     2 pm -                3:30 pm   Karma Class  
* For additional private class timings inquire within.

Format of the Programs

AtmaVikasa: 5 to 7 students only
  • 6 class series (1x/week)
  • Alignment and breathing
  • Progressive classes 
  • Includes handouts
  • Personalized instruction
  • 1.5 hour/class


"Hatha-yoga is the training of the body, the first rung on the ladder to Raja-yoga; the control of the mind."

Gheranada Samhita


BB (Backbending): 5 students
  • 6 class series (1x/week)
  • Specialized training in the method of backbending 
  • Conditioning exercises  
  • Enhance flexibility 
  • Includes handouts
  • 2 hour/class

"Yogash chitta-vritti-nirodhah." Stilling the thoughts, stilling the emotions stilling the breath is Yogah.

Yoga Sutras (I:2)

Mysore Sadhana: Self-directed 
  • 6 class series (1x/week)
  • Not formally led or guided
  • One-to-one training
  • Pre-requisite of Hatha-yoga
  • Alignment adjustment and breath awareness
  • 1.5 hour/class 



“True teachers speak only of the difficult practice of giving up or getting rid of the self. Whatever may happen, do not abandon the teacher. Let him/her guide you, because it is easy to forget the Path.”

∼ Ajahn Chah

Privates: One-on-one training/coaching  
  • Single or 6-week programs
  • Customized to meet individual need, ability and goals
  • Personal training
  • Includes handouts 
  • Book by appointment

 "Yoga is a subjective way to eradicate the instinctive weaknesses of human beings.   

∼ B.K.S. Iyengar