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Group 6-Week Programs

6-week programs are offered as a regular, on-going basis. The programs were created to teach yoga as a progressive series bringing together personal attention, individual instruction and knowledge. Limited to a small group class with 5 to 7 students the programs help you to focus on your abilities, goals and needs.

In smaller classes, progress is enhanced and a deeper connection made. Classes are structured to teach proper breathing, strength, flexibility and relaxation. But make no mistake in thinking Yoga is only physical exercise or a great work-out. The ancient practices as they are taught at the school start with the body and transcend to the mind and spirit. Because everyone comes to yoga for different reasons and has a unique body history, the practice should allow each person to evolve naturally. The programs were designed to be the most effective way to learn yoga as a life practice.

Pre-registration is required. Schedule & Fees

Note: A gas fireplace heats the practice room for all classes. The heat helps release toxins and develops better flexibility (greatly reducing the risk of injury). Any medical condition may be affected by the heat. Kindly inform the teacher before the first class.


Privates and Consultations

6-Week Private Programs and Classes

Private classes and programs are customized to provide exclusive one-on-one training in learning the techniques, practices as well as the theory of yoga. Classes are focused on your individual needs, abilities and personal goals. Structured programs are taught at all levels and designed to your needs. Programs may include pranayama (breathing techniques), relaxation exercises and meditation. All private sessions are offered as a single class or as a progressive series in a structured program. Book by appointment.

* Private classes and workshops are also held at The Yoga Way's east-end location. Inquire within for more information.


Private and individual consultations are available. Minimum of 30 minutes per session.

* Exercises to reduce stress, anxiety and depression
* Creating a self-practice in postures and breathing
* Follow-up sessions and individual guidance

Sessions are available to new and current students. Appointments can be booked by phone or e-mail.