Yoga gets you out of the competitive mode of thinking that you have to beat your body into shape.”  Read Heather's take on yoga during an interview via phone with the Globe & Mail in 'You've never too old to do Yoga', re: Healthy Living Section. 

Shot on location at TYW with Rosa Park (a freelance journalist) are  practice videos with Heather. These are of 2 classic hatha-yoga postures and their modiifications for beginners. Watch it here.

I am happy to contribute to MindBodyGreen, an on-line guide to wellness and yoga. My writing is often inspired by questions I receive from students. I also wriite about how to enhance your practice, travelling to India and tips on better living. Like my latest obsession with Neem & Tulsi soap.                          

Recent Posts: India Travels Debunked, The How of Meditation, The 8-Fold Path: But Who Cares? and 8 Benefits for Sleeping with a Water Pillow.          

Find my posts on teaching, studying and practicing. My writings stem from my personal practice and my travels. I share my pragmatic view on practice and hope to encourage others to conquer more than they thought was possible. 

Recent Posts: The Personal Politics of Teaching Yoga and Meeting the Edge: Backbends of Yoga.         


India Travel Myths ~ Part 1

Mark Twain wrote that the city of Varanasi was the “oldest” in the world, older than old.

India Travel Truths ~ Part 2

Like the saying goes, “Things are never as they seem” is the first lesson while travelling in India.  

Read: ``How I Came to Yoga`` 


Part 1: Breathing New Ground, Dismantling the Myth of Breaking your Back 

My latest writing talks about how to better understand the backbends of yoga. I relate to them as much more than a back bend but a body bend as they are the gateful to opening and releasing blocked emotions. Unlike what the name implies it so much more than your back.    

Part II: Breathing New Ground in learning backbending from the Master in Mysore, India     

Visit: Hello Yoga        

Fitness and Wellness Guide~ Toronto Life Magazine 2012

Featured as the owner-founder of The Yoga Way since 2007.

"Owner-instructor Heather Morton is the real deal. To advance her personal practice she has made annual pilgrimages to study in Mysore, South India. She is also equally committed to the evolution of her students, some of whom she has taught since the school opened in 1997. The school does not offer drop-in classes, but structured 6-week programs limited students per program. Programs are offered in classical hatha-yoga, meditation and backbending. Classes are designed to provide individual instruction and progress in intensity."

Sage Advice, Toronto Body Mind ~ September 2008, May 2011

Heather shares insights on how to choose a teacher and a style of yoga in Sage Advice. A 4-part series called Perspectives of Yoga also exclusively spotlights Heather's original motivations to learn yoga. She speaks on her early experiences working in Korea, living in ashrams throughout India and the transition to teaching upon her return to Canada. Watch: 

Heather sat down with Shurma (a freelance writer and yogini travelling throughout India) over a chai in Mysore. Here she is interviewed wiht two other yoga teachers who have travelled regularly to study and practice yoga in India. 

Pilgrimages of Western Yoginis, Yoga4Everybody Magazine ~ October 2004

Kirsten, Heather and Dominique are yoga teachers. They are also women with children, husbands, homes, jobs and businesses. Their paths are sometimes littered with loneliness, mishap and illness. They uncovered a force within beyond postures, beyond travel to self-awareness, spirituality and a life purpose.