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With Respect and Gratitude

Reaching out and giving back is extremely fulfilling and worthwhile work. From a spiritual perspective it is often referred to as the only "real" work in life. As the founder of TYW, I support both local and international charities as well as non-for-profit organizations. To date, the school has hosted fundraising events and classes. As well, donations have been made to  charities from the generous support both of the school's students and from the revenue of the programs taught.

As a teacher, a passion and interest of mine is children learning English as a Second Language (ESL). Living in South Korea gave me the hands-on skills to work with children and teach English. This is one clear way to increase the literacy rate and support the future of many children. Since 2004, I have taught English at Pragathi Vidya Kendra, a private (non-for-profit) school located in Mysore, South India. It is an honour to continue to do this work for which I am grateful to have the on-going opportunity. While in India I rekindle my relationsihp to the school and offer English lessons.    


About Pragathi Vidya Kendra (School) in Mysore, South India

The words 'Pragathi' means progress, 'Vidya' knowledge and 'Kendra' school in Sanskrit. It is a primary and secondary school that was established in 1993 as a "non-profit organization with the sole objective of imparting quality education to children who are otherwise deprived of it." Maintained by the principal, headmaster and a board of trustees the school relies on generous donations from various sources. From Kindergarten to Xth Standard (Grade 10 in North America), the school provides a holistic education that addresses the mind, body and spirit of the whole child. The curriculum consists of academic subjects such as English, Math, Science and Social Sciences, as well as cultural subjects (re: the local language, Kannada, Hindi and Sanskrit). Yoga is a key aspect in the curriculum and has been taught as a mandatory subject for the past 15 years at the school. All students from Ist Standard (Grade 1) to the Xth Standard attend weekly yoga classes.

Charity Support 2012

  • Pragathi Primary & Secondary High School, Mysore, India ~ Teaching English and providing financial assistanace.
  • Women's Assault Help-line, Toronto, Ontario ~ Donation box to support and improve help-lines. 
  • New Leaf Yoga Organization, Toronto ~ Open yoga classes and donation of practice resources.
  • 2012 Yogathon for Schizophrenia, Toronto ~ Open yoga class by donation.  
  • 2012 Scotiabank Busker Ball in Support of Epilepsy, Toronto ~  Practice resource donation.

Past Charity Support From 2011 to 1997

  • Pragathi Primary and Secondary High School, Mysore, India ~ Teaching and financial support to young children at the school.
  • OSPCA (Ontario Society, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) ~ Portion of the TYW's revenue provided for the animals. 
  • 2011, 2010 Yogathon for Schizophrenia, Toronto, Ontario ~ Donation of yoga classes and instruction. 
  • Ascent Magazine Publishing Fund, Toronto, Ontario ~ Monetary donations from TYW's classes/programs. 
  • The RedWood Shelter for Women, Toronto, Ontario ~ Fund-raiser and hosted charity event. 
  • WoodGreen Community Centre, Toronto, Ontario ~ Regular yoga and breathing classes on a daily basis. 
  • Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Ontario ~ Donation of 6-week private classes and instruction.  
  • Riverdale Hospital, Toronto, Ontario ~ Teaching gentle yoga and breathing classes to the elderly. 
  • The Kidney Foundation of Canada ~ Proceeds from the Month of March (2010) donated from TYW's programs.  
  • Sri Lanka Tsunami Relief Efforts ~ Donation from TYW's revenue (portion of the yoga programs). 
  • Sheena's Place, Toronto, Ontario ~ Proceeds shared from advertising with a local ad company. 
  • New Leaf Organization, Toronto, Ontario ~ Open Yoga class by donation. 
  • Assaulted Women's Help-line, Toronto, Ontario ~ Donation box for improving help-lines.
  • 2011 Japanese Crisis, The Canadian Red Cross ~ Open Yoga class by donation.