Dear Current & Former Students of The Yoga Way,
After 15 successful years The Yoga Way (TYW) in Toronto says "bye for now." I am taking a hiatus from running the school, but I will be continuing to teach. While it is sad to leave the school after creating a home for many students to practice and learn yoga in, I am very confident that each of you will take what you have learned as a foundation for your continual growth.   
I want to thank you for being a student and for many of you as a long-standing one. Over the years you showed your loyalty both to the school and my teaching. Opening and sustaining The Yoga Way as you came to intimatley know was not on a volume basis or for monetary reasons. It stemmed from a real love of Yoga; the practice, teaching and sharing. Many personal sacrifices were made to open the school, which began with just 4 students. It was a source of great love, energy and effort in founding a special niche, which took over 10 years to crystallize.
From the start, TYW offered structured programs with smaller classes; one of its unique features that has not been represented elsewhere. My approach was to keep it less corporate and more personal by staying true to the roots of Yoga. Because of this, many of your life's events did not go unnoticed as the practice was a big part in dealing with life's challenges. Together we faced deaths, illnesses, accidents marriages, births, divorces and break-ups.
With deep sincerity I thank you also for helping me develop The Yoga Way. Without students there is no one to teach. In this way it was not me, but 'you' who made The Yoga Way; what it became and what it stood for within the Toronto yoga community. I had a vision but without you the vision could not have been realized.
The journey in teaching and learning lasts forever. But being true to life there are cross-roads and the path extends into other directions. This decision (as you can well imagine) did not come easily or quickly. The school has been a central focus of my life. However, it came time to embark on a new and fresh journey that addresses more personal aspirations and dreams. I will be doing a lot of travelling and being newly married will be living the next chapter.           
Feel free to keep in touch. I`ll be updating you with my travels, classes and other news; I look forward to hearing from you too.
Since we do not always know what the future holds let's keep an open mind and heart.  I sincerely hope to see you again in this big, but small world of ours.
With all my best wishes on your path and in your yoga,
 ~ Heather