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Online Yoga Classes

Dates: Private Instructional Classes & Courses 
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Register:  info@theyogaway.com
More info: heather@theyogaway.com


Based on a demand from my Toronto students, I created virtual yoga training and consultations. While I usually I teach face-to-face, these are offered to all students who do not have access to a teacher or who cannot get to a class. From Tunisia to Canada and within the EU, I teach at all levels. No experience is required.  Here’s how it works:

 * Sessions are 50-60 minutes                                     * Use of Skype, FaceTime                          * Handouts and feedback provided                             * You need a mat and an open space          * A brief questionnaire is sent before                          *  I call you at the allotted time/day              * Payment is required before the class                       * One-time follow-ups are reduced                                                                       

My online medium is designed to zero-in quickly to build your personal practice at home.  

Class Type: 1 private session (1-1.5hr)                     (CAD 95 – 140)            

                     6 pranayama class/program                 (CAD 240)          

                     6 yogasana class/program                    (CAD 500)          

For EU & US exchange rates, please contact me. These are based on the rate(s) at the time.