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Freedom of the Body: Primary Elements of the Back

Derived from my personal practice of back bending spanning over more than a decade. This dvd was created to offer you more tangible and doable practice methods that are often elusive or not user friendly. It will help you to expand your practice safely and on your own. As a real practice resource, it contains lots of tips and practical guidance. It is inspired from my daily training to go beyond back bending as only a physical practice, but as a means toward inner freedom and centering your mind.

Producer: Heather Morton
Released: July 2011
Language: English
Format: Downloadable
Running time: 60 minutes

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Back Bending Series, Advanced Practice with Heather

Shot on location in Mysore, South India. This practice dvd demonstrates the intermediate to advanced postures as it evolved from my training and study of back bending. Created in 11 separate vignettes with guided instructions on the breath and physical alignment. Learn the advanced versions of the sun salutations of back bending including yoga postures for balance, strength and relaxation. It presents a practice brought together with focus points and a vinyasa series (movements linked with the breath). 

This is not a “do-it-yourself” dvd. The best way to use the dvd is with a qualified yoga teacher. Each vignette is designed to be re-played for the purpose of self-study, practice and/or as teaching resource.

Released: May 2013
Language: English
Format: Downloadable
Running time: 20 minutes

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