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A collection of articles on yoga,
teaching, practice and India

Photos of yoga as art and India.

Yoga is a path, a subject and a means for
personal transformation, purification and
developing awareness.

After 15 successful years The Yoga Way (TYW) in Toronto says "bye for now." 

I am taking a hiatus from running the school, which is now closed but I will continue to teach. While it is sad to leave the school, a home I created for many students to come to practice in, I am confident everyone will take what they learned with them for the years to come.

I want to thank you for being a student and for many it was as a long-standing student. Over the years you showed your loyalty both to the school and to my teachings. Opening and sustaining TYW as you came to know intimately was not for volume or monetary reasons alone. Many personal sacrifices were made to open the school . . .  

5 students in 6-week programs. Yoga is more than an asana, but a subject and holistic practice. TYW offers not just a class but a progressive series of classes with both individual and personal attention. Each class is small. It is the first and only Toronto yoga school to offer 6-week programs and not drop-ins.                          

Philosophy of Teaching
5-point philosophy.  
Practice Guidelines
Guidelines and etiquette.
Schedule & Fees 
6-week schedule. Fee info. 
FAQ's: New To Yoga
Have a question? Find it here. 
Yoga & Meditation
AtmaVikasa, backbending and meditation.
How to Register
Registration guide and policy.
Freedom of the Body DVD: Primary elements of the back with Heather MortonWatch  


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